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This is incredibly strange…

So for the past 3 weeks my left forearm has been incredibly tight and sore on a daily basis, and no i do not beat off with my left arm.  Now with that fact out of the way… I went to the doctor to get some blood drawn for some testing.  Usually there is no pain at all, but today it was a bit painful (not enough to cry over) and it was over in about 2 seconds.  Anyways now my forearm no longer hurts or is tight or sore at all… 

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far from perfection

Well i must say this weekend was pretty damn sweet.  However, i did act like a complete fool at one point… Even though i vaguely/barely remember ANYTHING at all. From this weekend i have learned a few things… 1) Anytime there is any type of public transportation that requires me not to bring my own personal car, i tend to drink WAY too much.  Thank god i only have two documented times that this has ever happened.  First time for my Bachelor party, the next was this past weekend. 2) Southside in its basic form just breeds some type of problem.  This is why i prefer going else where, like station square or keeping it local.

To my friend i hurt, for sure will not be doing anything to that extent EVER again..

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It’s a great day for hockey

"Badger" Bob Johnson, what is there to say about this man other than pure excellence. This is a man that built the team that brought us our first two stanley cups, well technically he coached one but his impact on the players was the reason they were able to win the second title.  So while everyone gets excited over what we have today, pay homage to the man who has built the type of hockey we see in pittsburgh.  Be thankful as a Penguins fan we have had such amazing people be part of our franchise.  Everyone from Shero, Bylsma, Patrick, Mario, Sid, Geno, Stevens, Jagr… These are the players and people who have shaped what we are currently seeing in Pittsburgh.  Go get em boys!

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Pittsburgh Penguins 2010-2011 Outlook

Coming off of another strong performance in the East and falling short of the goal to reach the Finals for a third straight year Ray Shero looked to retool this already strong Penguins team.  Finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference last year with 47 wins, the Penguins look to embark on a strong push for that number one spot in the 2010-2011 season.

During the off season the Penguins saw some key players leave the organization.  First and most importantly was the loss of Sergei Gonchar.  While he was and has never been a strong defensemen, his offensive prowess has been something that has complimented and helped give a big push from the back end of the team.  Another big loss comes in the form of Bill Guerin, the man who while not wearing the “C” has contributed so much as a leader to help hoist the cup in 2009.  Even when being in the later years of his career he was still able to accumulate 45 points while playing along side Sidney Crosby.  

General Manager Ray Shero hit this July 1 with the intentions of bolstering the strength of our defense.  First and most importantly our two new “big guns” on defense, Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek.  Paul Martin was acquired from the New Jersey Devils on July 1 with a 5 year 25 million dollar contract.  Like Martin, Michalek came from an organization that had a more defensive style of play, signing a 5 year 20 million dollar deal. These two players should greatly benefit developmentally from a new system that allows them to use some of their better assets.  These might be in the top 10 of most underrated defensive players in the NHL.  Now, while this is not a defensive addition Mike Comrie could at the end of the year be one of the biggest Free Agency steals of the 2010-2011 offseason.  This is a man while very talented has been very injury prone in his career.  assuming he can stay healthy all year and play within the top two lines it is not entirely crazy to expect 50+ points from him.  Not to mention we got him at a steal of a price. 

Where does that leave us for the 2010-2011 season?  

Going into the season I see the Penguins having two big holes that will be repaired over time.  First and most importantly the loss of Gonchar will be felt on the Power Play.  Because of this we will need either Letang, Gologoski, or Paul Martin to step up and become that big blast from the point.  Personally, it looks like Letang will be that man because of his intangibles. The second hole would be the loss of Jordan Staal for the first part of the season.  It is never easy, no matter how good of a team you are, to lose a Selke level player on your team.  Juast ask Mike Babcock in Detroit how much fun it was having Datsyuk sidelined a few seasons back.  Overall though, if we can overcome and deal with these issues sooner rather than later i full expect another top 4 finish in the east.


1) Finishing in the top 2 of the Eastern conference, like many expect it should be a big show down between the Capitals and Penguins for that top spot.

2) Expecting a big rookie season from Eric Tangradi.  This is a young man with a big frame who really seems to understand the spot.  Expect him to play with Malkin for most of the season and rack up roughly 35-45 points.

3)  Crosby and Malkin will both be nominated for the Hart and BOTH will be 100+ players. Crosby at around 118 points, Malkin around 105 points.

4) I expect the penguins to once again be in the finals.  The additional power we have on offense from some young guns and new additions defensively will make this team even harder to play against in the playoffs.

The Achilles heel this year will be Marc Andre-Fluery.  This is a man who last post season did a terrible job with finding the puck and an even worse job with the rebound control.  If he returns to form of the 08-09 season we should be in a very good situation come April.

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Ever wonder?

Anyone else ever sit at work and wonder who the person was that invented the 5 day work week?  I mean honestly, he might just be the dumbest person on the planet. 

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Early Morning Dispute

I’m not sure about many of you out there, but it seems as of lately i’m becoming more and more tired with each and every passing day.  After a solid day at work and an even better time at the gym yesterday i found myself in bed, 11pm like always. Upon waking up today at 6:23am i heard yelling and screaming.  Being completely dazed and confused, i look in my kitchen to see if maybe my wife was late for work… She was not.  So i proceed to go back into my room and the screaming is still going on, it ends up being my pillow.  The pillow has been accusing me of neglected her and not giving her enough attention, and oddly… I couldn’t agree more.